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Stand Flexible micro-USB cable

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Nitecore Ustand flexible micro-usb can charge your electronics and Install a mini flashlight for perfect lighting. Shop online today from Nomali

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Nitecore USTAND: A Flexible and Bendable USB Cable

The tech world isn’t wireless just yet, so Nitecore is making the best of it with the new USTAND cable! This USB cord is make of a thick but flexible material that holds its shape under pressure, and acts as a convenient mount for small flashlights. Simply connect your light to a power bank or wall adapter with the micro-USB plug, and use the cord to craft a quick and adjustable stand for a remote lighting solution. This is great for Nitecore’s TINI, TIP, and TUBE keylights, but the USTAND works with any micro-USB compatible device

Length: 22 cm

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