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Ignition Steel Army, Bio CocoShell

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A lighter that helps you start a fire. Stay warm and safe! The FireSteel Army Bio Cocoshell holds for as many as 12,000 ignitions.

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All you need to light your fire like a pro in any weather.

The FireSteel Army is the FireSteel Scouts bigger brother, providing a massive 12,000 strikes at 3,000 degrees. That’s the kind of heat that makes fire lighting possible at any altitude, in any weather. The magnesium alloy is tough, durable and fit for purpose. Focused sparks light any fuel and when you need fire, you need reliability. It’s practical, compact, strong and a crucial part of any kit. Ergonomic design and a built-in whistle, nothing but the best.

Dimensions: 230x85x25 mm       ColorCocoshell         Weight58gram

Material: 96% Biobased plastic

FireSteel Army, Bio CocoShell